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Get more recognition, visibility and
success for all your hard work.

What sort of leader would you like to be?

Work and society make women believe we should keep quiet about our achievements and fit into conditioned roles within the workplace – and it is time for that to change. Coaching will help you decide what sort of leader you want to be, build your confidence and make positive choices that get your hard work recognition it deserves.



Understand your value so you can show up with confidence.



Ensure your hard work and results get noticed and rewarded.



Get the recognition and support you need to grow as a leader.



Make a larger contribution in your workplace and the world.

How does it work?

The Lead Being You programme is split into five stages, designed to help you to identify where you want to get to, overcome obstacles and create long-lasting change.
Stage 1: Identifying the Destination
We’ll start by helping you identify what you want and where you want to get to. This first step is not as obvious as it might seem because often, your true desire hides beneath the surface. And it only comes out by exploring how your life will be different once you have reached your goals.

This is the fuel that powers your journey going forward.

Stage 2: Identifying the Starting Point

Once you know where you are heading, you learn more about where you are right now on the map. To do that, we take your answers from the Lead Being You questionnaire to see what your current adaptation styles are.

You will learn how these styles have supported you in the past and helped you to get where you are today. This tends to bring compassion towards yourself, acceptance of the past and allows you to get ready for the next step.

Stage 3: Setting Out and Overcoming Obstacles

When you know where you are and where you want to get to, it is time to look at what might be standing in your way.

Stage three invites you to become curious about your obstacles. Perhaps, what has become an obstacle today was a great support in the past. It also helps you find compassion for yourself and your past choices so you can make new choices today.

Choices that better support your life going forwards.

Stage 4: Into Action, Along the Path

You will discover new tools and resources to dismantle internal obstacles and explore possibilities and new ways to look at things. You will experiment and test out new behaviour patterns and find the courage and support to tackle external obstacles.

You will also plan out and take small steps towards your desired outcome and learn more about who you are to face these challenges with confidence.

Stage 5: Arrival and Accountability

It’s one thing to create a plan, but it’s something else to carry it out successfully. And that is especially true when you are changing long-held patterns.

In the final stage, you are supported to follow through on your plans. Sometimes when you start on your plan, new obstacles or fears can arise and these need to be addressed too.

At the end of the process, we take the time to celebrate your achievements and the journey you have been on.

Lead Being You coaching options

Choose the coaching package that is right for you: 

1-1 coaching

Empower Your Authentic Mastery

Become the person you want to be at work and finally get the recognition you deserve

1 x 90 min session  to clarify your vision

9 x 60 min session over 3 months
(3 sesions per month)

Tailor-made exercises, journaling prompt and activities 
to support your journey

Access to curated libarary of resources

Offline support via chat 24/7 for the whole of the program

Identify next steps going forward 

(prices are exclusive of any VAT applicable)



Group coaching

Practical Learning Lab

A safe space to practice, make mistakes and learn new ways to be at work.


Work with a small group of women leaders

12 x 90 min sessions over 6 months

Offline support via chat/email for the whole of the program

Group chat  in priavte WhatsApp group

Max 6 – 8 p[articipants

(prices are exclusive of any VAT applicable)





Use this section to overcome any hesitations your ideal client might have about working with you.

Do you only work with women?

My primary focus is working with women. However, I do also work with men who face similar issues in becoming more visible at work. I also help men and women who are working at an organisational level to create a more equal environment for all.

Will it work for me?

Change is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. The approach works best when you are clear on what you want and you have compassion for yourself in the process. You also need to follow through and take the actions you set for yourself.

To make sure you remain accountable, I will support you every step of the way.

Will I discover things about myself that I’d rather not know?

You might, but this approach is very compassionate. You are supported to find friendship for everything you learn about yourself. This new knowledge brings you more choice which brings greater freedom to act.

Where does the Lead Being You model come from?

The Lead Being You model was developed by me, Ruth Friedman, based on my work with hundreds of clients. It draws on NARM (Neuro Affective Relational Model), which is a trauma-informed approach.

What people are saying

“Ruth took time to understand our workplace and our needs. She listened carefully and asked probing questions to help us reflect on issues. She also made herself available outside of sessions and helped on a strategic and tactical level too.”


“With each session with Ruth, I learnt more about myself and I came one step closer to achieving my goals. She helped me become aware of the mind-body connection and understand that I already have all the answers I am looking for, I just need to learn to listen to my own body and mind. She has been an amazing support every step of the way.”

Barbora R

“I came to Ruth with a problem in an interpersonal interaction which restrained me from being successful and confident. Ruth helped me to find the hard knot inside my mental system and after working on it I feel much more self-confident and self aware.”

Jana Gal

“Ruth helped me to overcome a major setback in my early professional progress and has been supporting me ever since in career- and workplace-related self-expression and decision-making. I would like to acknowledge the excellent coaching Ruth has been giving me!”

Fanni S

“With Ruth’s guidance, my life has transformed. I am amazed that at every session I learn something new about myself and I have something to think about and work on.”

Elie Stylianou, Economic Analyst

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