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Address structural and institutional inequity in your workplace.

What sort of leader do you want to be?

Most organisations were made by men for men. And even though we have made massive strides with equality, masculine behaviours and norms still dominate the workplace. By working through the Lead Being You programme, you will learn how to increase the diversity of your leadership team and address the inequity that exists in your workplace.


Make everybody, no matter their background, race or gender, feel valued and welcome in your organisation



Give everybody in your workplace access to the same opportunities to grow, progress and succeed



Celebrate people’s differences and allow their unique experiences and ideas to be heard, no matter their level



Create a culture that allows them to build their confidence, communicate their value and be who they are

How it works

Although you might not think it, inequality exists in your workplace. In fact, it exists in all workplaces and this often goes unnoticed because it is so deep rooted in our society. But you can change that by following the Lead Being You programme.

During the programme, you will learn all about inclusive leadership and how to create a working environment and culture that makes everybody, regardless of race or gender, feel like they belong. And to make sure that happens, the programme allows your staff to take training courses to increase their knowledge and awareness of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) policies in the workplace.

Lead Being You coaching options

Choose the coaching package that is right for you:


Working with individual women within your organisation to help them build confidence and fulfil their leadership potential.


Working with groups of women to help them build confidence and support each other on their individual leadership journeys.


Working with mix-gendered teams to build a culture of inclusivity and belonging that ensures everybody’s work is recognised.


Do you only work with women?

My primary focus is working with women. However, I do also work with men who face similar issues in becoming more visible at work. I also help men and women who are working at an organisational level to create a more equal environment for all.

Will it work for me?
Change is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. The approach works best when you are clear on what you want and you have compassion for yourself in the process. You also need to follow through and take the actions you set for yourself.

To make sure you remain accountable, I will support you every step of the way.

Will I discover things about myself that I’d rather not know?
You might, but this approach is very compassionate. You are supported to find friendship for everything you learn about yourself. This new knowledge brings you more choice which brings greater freedom to act.
Where does the Lead Being You model come from?
The Lead Being You model was developed by me, Ruth Friedman, based on my work with hundreds of clients. It draws on NARM (Neuro Affective Relational Model), which is a trauma-informed approach.

What people are saying

“Ruth is very sensitive and gentle yet very effective guide of a self-discovery method, what is not very used in business context yet. I came to her with a problem in an interpersonal interaction within my work environment. This problem really restrained me from being successful and confident. . .This process gave me a way to integrate even negative parts of my personality and embrace my imperfection and love myself as a person. I feel much more self-confident and self-aware now in this particular situation.”

Jana G

“Ruth took time to understand our workplace and our needs. She listened carefully and asked probing questions to help us reflect on issues. She also made herself available outside of sessions and helped on a strategic and tactical level too.”


“I came to Ruth with a problem in an interpersonal interaction which restrained me from being successful and confident. Ruth helped me to find the hard knot inside my mental system and after working on it I feel much more self-confident and self aware.”

Jana Gal

“With Ruth’s guidance, my life has transformed. I am amazed that at every session I learn something new about myself and I have something to think about and work on.”

Elie Stylianou, Economic Analyst

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